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Flamed Birch Dining Table

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Flawless Finishing

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Flawless Finishing

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Q&A with Robert Spiece

Aneicey asked:
Nice job! :-)
Robert Spiece answered:
Thank you!
ExtremeNovice asked:
Wow! That is a beautiful table! Great job!
Robert Spiece answered:
eepsers asked:
Such clean lines and gorgeous finish! Love it when the teacher wows us!
Robert Spiece answered:
Thanks, eepsers!
Giuliano asked:
Really a splendid work. Congrats. I'd like to know what kind of joinery and finishing you used.
Robert Spiece answered:
Thanks! I finished the table top in exactly the same way as I did in class. The joinery is all simple mortise and tenon.
ttouch0125 asked:
Robert, this is one incredably beautiful dining table!! You should be very proud. (when can you ship it to me?)
Robert Spiece answered:
Once the check clears!