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Santos Rod asked:
My husband is new to woodworking so far he build a trellis and raised garden box with a bottom shelf, but he wants to build a dining table for 8 seats. would you be interested in making a video of how to make a table ( basics)
Paul Anthony answered:
I'm glad to hear that your husband is making a successful foray into woodworking, and that he's ready to tackle a table! As for a video on table making basics, that might be a good idea, but you'd have to suggest that to the Craftsy editors, as they're the ones who decide what videos to produce. In the meantime, you might suggest to your husband that he research woodworking magazines and books for articles on building a table of a design that he likes, and which suits his current skill set and tools. He might be surprised to find what he's capable of building from well written project instructions. Good luck!