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Q&A with Robert Spiece

beardedkn16248394 asked:
Why is it called a "Cemetery Cabinet?" What the reason it is stunningly beautiful!
Robert Spiece answered:
We procured the maple in the panels from trees cut down in the local cemetery. The tree grew next to people that fought in the revolutionary war!
beardedkn16248394 asked:
WOW!!! First I love cemeteries and to get that from where you did! Man it really looks great but that just puts it in a whole different catagory for me as a disabled Vet. That is a hallowed piece of furniture. Can even speak all that brings to my mind. Thank you for letting me know and I think those that have passed and lay there would appreciate the work.
Robert Spiece answered:
Thank you!
germanlost402059 asked:
So is the entire cabinet maple or are the panels a different wood. By the way the has got to be the most beautiful cabinet I have ever seen!
Robert Spiece answered:
Only the panels are maple. The darker wood is black walnut. Thanks for the complement! You made my day!
usewillow7851343 asked:
I am fairly certain you did not get the plans for that beautiful cabinet from the book. Did you design it? I would really like to use some of your ideas in a desk I am currently drawing up to build. the end panels would look great on the sides and front of my desk. What does the top look like?
Robert Spiece answered:
This cabinet is my design, loosely based on a larger armoire I saw some place. Please borrow whatever elements you'd like in your own design. You can check out some more pictures of this piece at my website.

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