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Woodworking Essentials: Bending & Shaping

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Learn to bend and shape wood as professional woodworker Bill Thomas guides you through a variety of methods. Start with how to mill and cut wood to shape, and get tips for creating joinery along the way. Then, discover how to bend wood with laminating techniques, and bring sophisticated curved creations off your form. Bill also will guide you step by step through creating a steam box of any size, and steam-bending curved pieces skillfully — even traditional shaker boxes! Plus, for each technique, Bill will teach you to create and use full-size patterns and custom jigs to achieve excellent results every time.


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Included in this Class

1. Intro to Bending & Shaping

1. Intro to Bending & Shaping

Meet your instructor, Bill Thomas, and preview the three techniques you'll learn for bending and shaping wood: milling, laminating and steam bending. Then, learn how to transfer a sketch onto your wood using graph paper, a grid and French curves; great for creating legs with decorative curves and more!

2. Milling Curves: Essentials

2. Milling Curves: Essentials

Start creating curved wood as Bill demonstrates milling the stem of a boat to illustrate his technique. Learn how to transfer a paper pattern onto a thin board to make a wood pattern, ensuring the curve is fair. Then, discover why you need to cut the stem into two pieces and glue them together for added strength.

3. Milling: Complex Curves

3. Milling: Complex Curves

Make beautiful table legs with elegant curves as Bill takes you through the special considerations you'll need to make when working with joinery. Pick up professional marking tips for notating mortises, outside edges and aprons, then see how to make two curved cuts on a single leg.