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with Michael Kehs
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Woodturning Basics: The Bowl

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Expand your technique toolkit as you learn how to turn a bowl alongside renowned instructor Michael Kehs. Start by choosing the ideal wood and creating your bowl blank. Learn essential tips for safety, setting up your tool rest and maintaining your gouges. Then, see how to mount your blank, make your initial cuts with a bowl gouge, add a tenon and shape the outside of your bowl. Find out how to achieve even walls as you pare away the center wood. Create a custom jam chuck to hold your hollow bowl in place, before sanding to remove tool marks, paring down the tenon, applying an even finish and buffing for a smooth, professional result. Plus, you'll learn to dry and true up a green bowl made from a freshly felled tree. Turn wood into unique vessels that stand out from store-bought!


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h37m

Included in this Class

1. Introduction & Getting Started

1. Introduction & Getting Started

Meet your instructor, Michael Kehs, and preview the amazing bowls that can be made on a lathe. Then, discover which parts of a tree are ideal for bowl making and venture outdoors with Michael as he harvests the blank for the bowl he shapes in this class.

2. Shop Safety & Tool Sharpening

2. Shop Safety & Tool Sharpening

Learn what to do before you turn on the lathe to stay safe and get great results. Michael leads you through the safety gear you'll need and offers tips for getting your tool rest in tip-top condition. Then, discover how to maintain your gouges to get accurate cuts while minimizing tearout.

3. Mounting & Rounding the Blank

3. Mounting & Rounding the Blank

It's time to start turning! Learn three great methods for mounting your blank, depending on its size. Then, make the initial cuts as Michael shows you the correct way to use a bowl gouge. Learn how to add a tenon to your piece, then master edge and side cuts as you shape the outside of your bowl.