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with Jeff Miller
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The Shaker Nightstand

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Learn essential table-making and hand-tool techniques, and apply your new skills to a variety of other furniture projects! Expert furniture maker Jeff Miller guides you through arranging and jointing your boards, and creating mortises and tenons with precision. Then, properly fit the joints using shoulder and router planes, repair cracked mortises and even patch a joint that's too loose. You'll be able to taper legs like a master with Jeff's tricks for laying out the taper, using a plane and ensuring you don't go too far. You'll even learn how to smooth the top without plying wood fibers apart. Finally, create bevels and buttons, and then smooth and chamfer your table's edges, and assemble your pieces with ease. Plus, use Jeff's finish recipe to really showcase your craftsmanship to its fullest!


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h36m

Included in this Class

1. Introduction & Tabletop Construction

1. Introduction & Tabletop Construction

Meet your instructor, furniture maker Jeff Miller, and get a preview of the gorgeous Shaker table you'll build using hand tools. Then, dive into your project as Jeff discusses how to pick the wood for your tabletop and offers professional advice for planing the edges and gluing the pieces together. Gather Jeff's tips for fixing convex or concave joins and learn the proper technique for clamping multiple boards together.

2. Chopping the Mortises

2. Chopping the Mortises

Master creating smooth and exact mortises as you learn how to set yourself up for success with precise measuring and marking practices. Next, learn how to hold your chisel to make sure your cuts are square, taking just a bit out at a time. Then, learn valuable techniques for cleaning up your cuts to ensure the sides of your mortise are smooth and ready for the tenon.

3. Creating the Tenons

3. Creating the Tenons

Finish your joint as Jeff takes you through the process of creating the tenon. First, discover how to measure and mark your cut lines and then learn the proper technique for making cuts as your hand saw becomes an extension of your body. Then, pick up expert tips for cleaning up your tenon and making sure it's the right length. You'll use these skills again and again in your furniture making, whatever piece you're building.