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Table Saw Tips & Techniques

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Find out how to use a table saw safely, efficiently and effectively with lessons from fine-furniture maker Kevin Rodel. Begin by learning about the essential workings of your table saw, including how to select and change blades. Build on this foundation as you go step by step through creating and working with simple jigs and fence add-ons. Next, Kevin will guide you through using your table saw to create a variety of important joints: tenons, dadoes, rabbets, half-laps and grids, and more. You'll also learn how to use stops and spacers to cut multiple, identical pieces quickly. Finally, discover how to elevate the beauty of your work by creating decorative coving with your table saw.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h10m

Included in this Class

1. Knowing Your Table Saw

1. Knowing Your Table Saw

Meet master woodworker and award-winning author Kevin Rodel as he highlights the valuable techniques you'll learn to use your table saw to its full potential. Get an in-depth look at the major components of a 10-inch table saw and the common types of blades. Kevin also introduces you to a variety of basic cuts.

2. Table Saw Jigs

2. Table Saw Jigs

Maximize the efficiency and accuracy of your table saw work with several custom jigs! Kevin shares expert tips for building and using a sliding rip fence, crosscut arm and crosscut sled to do everything from cutting tenons and making multiple cuts, to working with larger wood panels.

3. Cutting Common Joints

3. Cutting Common Joints

Learn how to cut common joints with Kevin's guidance. Discover two effective ways to cut and fine-tune tenons, and then practice making a tongue-and-groove joint, essential for door construction. In addition, Kevin walks through the steps of cutting versatile -- and decorative -- half-lap joints.