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Take your shop and your projects to the next level alongside expert woodworker Dale Barnard. Start with how to make a table saw sled so you can achieve perfectly square crosscuts safely, easily and consistently. Build a sliding tall fence for your table saw to assist in rip cuts, create raised panels or make grooves in the ends of long boards. Construct squaring jigs of any size to help you assemble boxes, doors, bookshelves and more with confidence. Build custom straightedge jigs for your power saw or router to trim down doors or create rabbet joints. Make clamping cauls to easily glue together segments of milled wood for smooth tabletops and more. Plus, create a versatile shop stool that will come in handy again and again. Make your shop and your results more professional with these essential builds.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 3h20m

Included in this Class

1. Crosscut Sled

1. Crosscut Sled

Meet woodworker Dale Barnard, and dive into your first project, a crosscut sled. Dale takes you step by step through the process from cutting all of the pieces to assembly, and offers tips for measuring and making adjustments along to ensure your sled -- and its cuts -- are perfectly square.

2. Fences

2. Fences

Build a sliding tall fence, useful for cutting raised panels or grooves into the ends of long boards. You'll love how quickly this jig comes together and how you can turn it into a stationary fence if needed. Finally, discover why Dale says it's important to "measure once and cut five or six times."

3. Push Sticks

3. Push Sticks

Keep your fingers out of harm's way as you create a variety of push sticks. Discover which woods work best for these tools, and why you'll want push sticks in a variety of widths. Then, use Dale's patterns to make two different styles, and improve your bandsaw skills along the way!