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Innovative Techniques in Segmented Turning

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Create feature rings, turn a bowl from a board and learn more open segmented woodturning techniques alongside pro woodturner and instructor Jim Rodgers. You'll discover a variety of advanced woodturning techniques, starting with how to design, split and execute feature rings with thunderbird, zigzag and diamond motifs. Then, find out how to cut multiple segments more accurately and efficiently than ever using a wedgie sled. Jim will also help you outfit your segmented vessel with a floating foot that won't crack over time. Have wood that's just collecting dust in your shop? Put it to use as Jim teaches you to create a beautiful bowl from a board. Plus, you'll learn valuable open segmented woodturning techniques for creating spectacular vessels both on and off the lathe.


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  • 7 episodes
  • 2h42m

Included in this Class

1. Cutting Veneers & Splitting Rings

1. Cutting Veneers & Splitting Rings

Meet veteran woodturning instructor Jim Rogers, then dive into cutting veneers with Jim's helpful tips. See how to cut a larger ring into smaller rings with a bandsaw or a lathe, then learn how to use spacers in designs, which Jim demonstrates as he cuts the segments for a Greek key.

2. Basic Feature Rings

2. Basic Feature Rings

Use the table saw to create the complex-looking thunderbirds design, whose secret lies in the final set of assembly. Then tackle the more challenging zigzag design, or even diamonds! Jim explains how patience and precision are the key to assembling these segments.

3. Creating Diamonds on the Sander

3. Creating Diamonds on the Sander

Create diamond designs another way, using sanding to achieve the dimensions you need. Jim shows how to make your cuts on the table saw, getting the precise angles you need. Use a disc sander to remove corners on your diamonds and field pieces with the aid of sanding jigs.