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Hand-Cut Mortise & Tenon Joinery

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Learn to create and use many variations of remarkably strong mortise and tenon joints alongside hand-tool woodworking expert Bill Anderson. Start with foundational skills for laying out your joinery and adding orientation and reference marks to keep your work square and properly aligned. You'll also see how to saw a tenon, chop a mortise and fix troublesome joints. Next, you'll learn several variations of traditional frame and panel joinery, which is frequently used in doors, window sashes and more. Move on to creating sturdy mortise and tenon joints for table aprons and legs. Then, progress to making bridle mortise and tenon joints that are perfect for sturdy, sophisticated-looking cabinets. Plus, take your fine furniture skills further with step-by-step guidance for creating highly stable fox joints.


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h51m

Included in this Class

1. About the Mortise & Tenon

1. About the Mortise & Tenon

Meet woodworker Bill Anderson and preview the techniques you'll learn to create precise mortise and tenon joints using hand tools. Gain familiarity with this versatile and reliable joint as Bill outlines its history and applications. You'll also get detailed information on the tools you'll need for class.

2. Joint Orientation & Hand Skills

2. Joint Orientation & Hand Skills

Get started with the basics! Learn how to lay out the joinery and make orientation and reference marks -- essential for keeping your work square and aligned correctly. Bill also guides you through the process of sawing a tenon and chopping a mortise. Plus, get tips for repairing problem joints.

3. Frame & Panel Joint

3. Frame & Panel Joint

Learn how to create the traditional frame and panel joinery used in doors, lids and window sashes. Bill shares time-saving tips for laying out the mortise and tenon joints. Then, get in-depth instruction on plowing grooves into rails and stiles. In addition, you'll see how to hand cut a haunched tenon.