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with Alan Turner
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Hand-Applied Finishing

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Elevate the quality of your projects as you learn wood finishing techniques alongside the founder of Philadelphia Furniture Workshop, Alan Turner. In this class, you'll build the knowledge to select and apply shellacs, oil and varnish mixtures, gel varnishes and even waterborne finishes. Start by mastering surface preparation to set yourself up for success. Then, Alan will teach you easy, effective techniques for applying beautiful finishes by hand. Plus, find out how to remove any excess finish and ensure your projects have a clean, streak-free appearance. Build the skills to hand-finish every project flawlessly!


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h22m

Included in this Class

1. Introduction & Surface Preparation

1. Introduction & Surface Preparation

Meet your instructor, professional woodworking teacher Alan Turner, and learn how to properly prepare wood surfaces in advance of finishing. Learn how to sharpen and use a cabinet scraper to smooth surfaces, then pick up tips for sanding, including end-grain, as well as a technique for raising the grain.

2. Shellac

2. Shellac

Learn why shellac is a great choice as an undercoat or a topcoat as you explore how evaporative finishes work. Alan will share his favorite pre-made shellac and then show how you can make and store your own. Learn how to apply your finish two ways -- with a brush and with a pad-- to apply even finishes free of streaks or runs.

3. Sanding In an Oil/Varnish Mixture

3. Sanding In an Oil/Varnish Mixture

Discover when you would want to finish a piece of wood with an oil/varnish mixture as you learn how these reactive finishes work and how to make your own. Then, Alan offers detailed instruction on how to sand in your finish, creating a slurry that is worked into every grain of wood.