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Your woodworking adventure starts here! The Bluprint Woodworking Blog covers everything from the best tools and how to handle them, to different types of woods, techniques including cuts, drilling and sanding, and tutorials for impressive projects.

All the basics covered

Safety at the Lathe: Woodturning Safety Tips

By Ed Pretty
It's the only machine tool in the shop where the machine moves the wood and the cutting tool is held by the operator. The lathe, therefore, has its own unique safety considerations besides all the other risks that are ever-present in any shop. Observing some basic woodturning safety rules will make your time at the lathe far more enjoyable. Read more »
Dovetails in curly maple case

Dovetail Joinery: Essential Tools

By Rob Porcaro
Dovetail joinery is a wonderful fusion of strength and beauty that is a traditional hallmark of quality craftsmanship. Though most woodworkers would like to master this primary casework joint, it is all too easy to lose control of the process, leading to disappointing results, often without really understanding why. The good news is that you can make excellent dovetails joints of which you will be proud by attending to two important matters. We discuss those here. Read more »

Plane Blade Sharpening Made Easy

By Wilbur Pan

Plane blades need to be kept sharp. The good news is that if you know how to sharpen a chisel, sharpening a plane blade is a very similar process. Explore this quick and easy method of sharpening a plane blade.

Read more »

The New Craftsy App Is HERE and It’s FREE!

By Craftsy
Craftsy’s engineers have been busy, and we can’t wait to show you what they’ve created! Cue the launch of the newest version of the Craftsy app for iPhone and iPad, packed with amazing updates that makes it easier than ever for you to watch and enjoy your favorite classes. Of Craftsy’s three million members, more than one million are already using our app. Join the club and find out what you’ve been missing! Read more »
Protective Equipment for Woodworking Safety

Stay Safe in the Workshop with These Woodworking Safety Tips

By Mitch Roberson
Are you interested in woodworking but concerned about safety? A shop full of sharp blades and powerful machines can be intimidating if you don’t know the basics of how to stay safe. Practice these safety tips in your shop and you’ll have an enjoyable experience making things out of wood for years to come. Read more »