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Your woodworking adventure starts here! The Bluprint Woodworking Blog covers everything from the best tools and how to handle them, to different types of woods, techniques including cuts, drilling and sanding, and tutorials for impressive projects.

All the basics covered

Safety at the Lathe: Woodturning Safety Tips

By Ed Pretty
It's the only machine tool in the shop where the machine moves the wood and the cutting tool is held by the operator. The lathe, therefore, has its own unique safety considerations besides all the other risks that are ever-present in any shop. Observing some basic woodturning safety rules will make your time at the lathe far more enjoyable. Read more »

Plane Blade Sharpening Made Easy

By Wilbur Pan

Plane blades need to be kept sharp. The good news is that if you know how to sharpen a chisel, sharpening a plane blade is a very similar process. Explore this quick and easy method of sharpening a plane blade.

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Protective Equipment for Woodworking Safety

Stay Safe in the Workshop with These Woodworking Safety Tips

By Mitch Roberson
Are you interested in woodworking but concerned about safety? A shop full of sharp blades and powerful machines can be intimidating if you don’t know the basics of how to stay safe. Practice these safety tips in your shop and you’ll have an enjoyable experience making things out of wood for years to come. Read more »

Chisel Sharpening Made Easy: Working on the Bevel

By Wilbur Pan
Yesterday on the Craftsy blog, we took a look at how to sharpen a chisel, where we covered flattening and polishing the back of the chisel. Today, we're finishing the job by working on the bevel of the chisel. The good news is that from here on out, you won’t have to deal with the back until you wear down that 1” of the chisel that you’ve polished up. This will take years. Read more »

Chisel Sharpening Made Easy: Flatten & Polish

By Wilbur Pan
Chisels are one of the most basic, useful and versatile of all woodworking tools. They allow you to shape a piece of wood to your heart’s content. But in order for a chisel to be useful, it needs to be sharp. Here's a quick and easy method for sharpening a chisel. Read more »

Get Craftsy’s Better Lives With Crafting Badges for Your Blog!

By Karen Kelty
Crafting is my therapy badge

Did you know clinical studies show that crafting can have real medical and cognitive benefits? In honor of National Craft Month, each week in March we're exploring the different ways being a maker can contribute to a person's overall health and wellness in our "Better Lives With Crafting" series. Want to let others know about the health benefits of crafting. Simply grab the code to your favorite badges here and proudly sport them on your own site!

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