Weaving Projects & Ideas(24)

Get inspired to create from our showcase of weaving ideas, projects, fabrics and more from Bluprint editors and community.

Matching 1/3 twill blanket
Thick & Thin Scarves
Rep weave fabric
Green Twist Towels
Rocking chair
Pillow #2, version three
Pillow #2, version two
Christmas 2015 Towels
Windowpane Scarves (Crammed & Spaced)
Penelope's Wollmeise Scarf
scarf 2 with leno
Stashbuster Scarf
Mica's Scarf
Pillow #2
Little Stashbuster Scarf
Ghiordes Knots Technique
Rocking chair cover
Pillow #1
Brooks Bouquet
Open-Weave Felted Scarves
Spanish Lace Technique
Ladder Hemstitch & Cheater Version
Working With Differential Shrinkage
Ghiordes Knot

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