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Rigid heddle loom practice runner

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jencie made Rigid heddle loom practice runner with:

Rigid Heddle Weaving

Online Class

Rigid Heddle Weaving

Angela Tong

  • Kromski 24" Rigid Heddle Loom stash wool on cones I had(2 ply)

Q&A with jencie

crochetboo65335 asked:
great job
jencie answered:
THank you!! :) It's become a runner on a bookcase by the front door :)
Angela Tong asked:
Wonderful! I love the colors you chose.
jencie answered:
Thank you so much- those are some of my favorite colors :)
amazongirl asked:
Start. I have a bit of sock yarn but am confused as to whether the #8 heddle will work. I wrapped the yarn around one inch and it came out to 19 times around the ruler. Would I need a smaller heddle, like #10? If so, where can I purchase one? end
jencie answered:
I replied to you the wrong way, my apologies- my reply to you is above your comment(and i saw no way to delete it myself and fix it- sorry!)
nanainca asked:
Your choice of colors are amazing! I would love to know if it was hard to learn how to use your Rigid Heddle Loom? I have been thinking of getting one to make up fabric. I would like to make scraves, perhaps some winter throw's. I am just not sure if its hard. I sew, quilt, knit so I know I am not afraid to try however I would like to be able to to like this project. Say this was a scarf have it look like this.. It look great.
jencie answered:
Thank you- this is VERY straightforward, you can make simple and plain weave scarves with it or use different colors of yarn for stripes or make fancier patterns, there are many options. I'd recommend taking the class or getting one of the many books available on RH weaving :) Thank you!
semmeml asked:
Beautiful! I love that plain weave can be so versatile and lovely.
jencie answered:
Thank you :D

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