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with Deborah Jarchow
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Simply Stunning Scarves

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Learn how to weave a scarf and build your confidence with the skills you need as you join award-winner Deborah Jarchow! During class, weave four fun scarf designs as you embark on an exploration of weave structure, where you'll discover how to create variations amongst your weaves and create warp structures without a variable-dent heddle. Learn to achieve different results and interesting textures by creatively warping your loom using different yarn types and changing weft structures. Plus, get insider finishing techniques to finish your weaves like a pro! When class is complete, you’'ll have empowered yourself with the knowledge you need to create textures on the loom that just feel right!


  • intermediate
  • 7 episodes
  • 2h56m

Included in this Class

1. Introduction

1. Introduction

Meet master weaver Deborah Jarchow and learn more about the techniques and projects covered in your class. Deborah discusses factors to consider when planning your scarves, the loom size and shuttles. You'll also get tips on winding your bobbins by hand or with a winder.

2. Open-Weave Felted Scarf: Warping

2. Open-Weave Felted Scarf: Warping

Get ready to create an open-weave felted scarf by warping your loom according to the pattern supplied in your class materials. Deborah demonstrates the warping process and includes troubleshooting tips for dealing with knots in your yarn, loose tension and consistent rolling on your back beam.

3. Open-Weave Felted Scarf: Weaving & Felting

3. Open-Weave Felted Scarf: Weaving & Felting

Follow along as Deborah completes the warping onto the front beam and begins weaving the open-weave felted scarf. If you're good at eyeballing measurements, you can weave free-form, or use a spacer for precision. When your scarf is complete, you'll be able to felt it by hand or in a washing machine. Deborah shows you how!