designed by Sweet Potato 3, taught be Vanessa Vargas Wilson
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Make the Cascading Fringe Wall Hanging

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Class Overview

Adorn your home with a sweet and simple macramé wall hanging designed by Christine Naugle of Sweet Potato 3. Your expert guide, Vanessa Vargas Wilson (aka the Crafty Gemini), shows you how, step by step. Learn two beginner-friendly knots, then let the yarn do the rest!


  • beginner
  • 3 episodes
  • 27m

Included in this Class

1. Getting Started

1. Getting Started

Start your wall hanging as Vanessa shows you how to set up your hoop and dowel. She also shares tips for easily measuring and cutting your yarn to the correct length.

2. Knotting

2. Knotting

Vanessa shows you how to add three layers of color with simple lark's head and fishnet knots. These ties are so simple, even a beginner can do them!

3. Finishing

3. Finishing

Finish up your wall hanging by steaming and trimming the strands so they lie smoothly. Vanessa gives cutting tips to help you achieve a crisp finish.