Elsa TW Lam


You Can Make This

Elsa TW Lam made Beehives with:

Spinning Art Yarns

Online Class

Spinning Art Yarns

with Jacey Boggs Faulkner

  • Merino
  • corriedales

Q&A with Elsa TW Lam

Piquita asked:
Love this! so striking on the white!
Elsa TW Lam answered:
Thanks Piquita. This is my second attempt spinning Beehives. Still love it
Phoebe Gibbs asked:
Wowsa - you are having to much fun! Gorgeous!
Elsa TW Lam answered:
Thank thank you Phoebe. I do have lots of fun when making the beehives, or coils, it is almost addictive :-)
HopkinsStudio asked:
My Word! This is lovely!
Elsa TW Lam answered:
Thank you :-)