Sewing Techniques

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DIY Pillows: 3 Types of Backing

By Angela Mitchell
DIY Quilted Pillow CoverQuilted pillow covers are so fun to make! Not only are they quick sewing projects, they are very functional. Here are three great pillow backings for you to try! Read more »

Easy as Pie: Making Your Own Piping

By Julia Garza
How to Make PipingSure, you can buy piping, but it’s one of those things that’s easy enough to make yourself. And by making it yourself, you can customize it to your heart’s desire. This tutorial will show you how to make piping with a seam allowance, so it easily be added to garments or home decor projects. Read more »

Seam Series: How to Sew a Self-Bound Seam Tutorial

By Christine Haynes
Sew a Self Bound SeamA self-bound seam looks like a tiny French seam, but it’s sewn completely different. The seam allowance is used to bind all the raw edges so that the inside of the garment is all tidy and clean. Perfect for thin cottons and other wovens for a really elegant interior. Follow these easy steps on your next project! Read more »

Add Vintage Flair: Sewing Vintage Fabric Tips

By Julia Garza
Sewing Vintage Fabric TipsVintage fabric can add a lot of personality to your sewing projects. Plus, it’s fun to search for (and pretty much a guarantee no one can make a copy). Or maybe you really want to throw-back to particular decade and combine a vintage pattern with vintage fabric. Find four key sewing vintage fabric tips here! Read more »
Seam Series: How to Sew a French Seam

Seam Series: How to Sew a French Seam Tutorial

By Christine Haynes

French seams are perfect for lightweight and sheer fabrics, as all the raw edges of the fabric are hidden in an elegant finished seam. It is also a great finish for seams that will be exposed, like an unlined jacket. Follow these easy steps and try French seams on your next project!

Read more »

Sewing Tips for Turning Inside Out

By Christine Haynes
Often when sewing you will be creating a tube of fabric that will need to be turned inside out. Spaghetti straps, tote handles, sash belts, and many other fabric tubes can be an absolute pain to turn around, as since you are typically sewing with right sides together, you are left with a thin tube of fabric to flip. My personal favorite way to handle this is with a tube turner. Read more »

Sewing Taffeta Tips

By Julia Garza
Sewing Taffeta TipsTaffeta is a luxurious fabric often used for formal wear and home decor, though it's prone to raveling and puckered seams. Learn a few easy tricks for working with this delicate fabric. Read more »

How to Sew Ruching

By Julia Garza
How to Sew RuchingRuching is an easy, quick way to gather fabric and add interest and texture to your sewing projects. It’s a nice addition on anything from the sleeves of a top to the bodice of a dress, so learning how to sew ruching is a skill you’ll reach for again and again when sewing your own clothes. Read more »

Sewing with Selvages

By Angela Mitchell
Sewing with SelvagesMany people consider selvages to be garbage, cutting them off and throwing them away without a second thought. Did you know that you can sew with them? Think twice before you throw those pretty edges away! Learn how you can use your selvages to make unique projects. Read more »