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How to Use a Piping Foot: 6 Techniques to Try

By Maris Olsen
piping footMany of us use a zipper foot when attaching piping around a garment or home decor, but machine manufacturers also make a special foot that can help streamline this and other sewing tasks. If you own a piping foot (also known as a bulky overlock foot), maybe you haven't explored all of its different uses. Read more »

Railroad Zippers Simplified

By Linda Reynolds
Railroad ZipperOf all the zippers that can be applied when you are sewing garments — invisible, lapped, exposed — the conventional zipper, aka the railroad zipper, is by far the most difficult of them all to insert. When it comes to inserting zippers, this particular zipper is far more difficult than the often feared invisible zipper. How is that possible? Read more »

How to Use a Pintuck Foot

By Maris Olsen
Corded PintuckPintuck feet are designed to create small tucks in your fabric virtually effortlessly. With a pintuck foot plus a twin needle, you can create beautiful, evenly spaced fabric tucks quickly and easily. Read more »

Hong Kong Seam Finish Adds Luxe

By Maris Olsen
Hong Kong Seam FinishMy mom used to say she wanted her garments to look as good on the inside as they did on the outside. One of my favorite ways to spiff up the inside of a garment is to use a Hong Kong, or bound seam finish. It produces a clean, polished look, is easy to sew, and depending on the fabric used, can even add a surprise splash of color or pattern to a tailored garment. Learn how to create this finish. Read more »

DIY Pillows: 3 Types of Backing

By Angela Mitchell
DIY Quilted Pillow CoverQuilted pillow covers are so fun to make! Not only are they quick sewing projects, they are very functional. Here are three great pillow backings for you to try! Read more »

Easy as Pie: Making Your Own Piping

By Julia Garza
How to Make PipingSure, you can buy piping, but it’s one of those things that’s easy enough to make yourself. And by making it yourself, you can customize it to your heart’s desire. This tutorial will show you how to make piping with a seam allowance, so it easily be added to garments or home decor projects. Read more »