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Wrap Dress With Integrated Belt

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The Perfect Wrap Knit Dress

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The Perfect Wrap Knit Dress

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Q&A with Dyanne Marte

Pam Howard asked:
Hello! I love all of your wrap dresses, but I think this is my favorite! I look forward to making one for myself using your great instructions :-) Welcome to Craftsy!
Dyanne Marte answered:
Thank you so much!! I've signed up for your class on jacket fitting and can't wait to get my pattern! It's been a while since I've made a jacket!
Treasel asked:
I'm a beginner. Is it necessary to take a class on the basics of sewing before signing up for one of your courses?
Dyanne Marte answered:
Although taking a beginner sewing class will be extremely helpful, the pattern is for the dress is good for beginners. I cover fabrics, needles, what type of stitch to use, and stitch lengths. I deviate from the pattern a bit with some pattern alterations, I would suggest working with a stable knit such as a double knit. Interlocks and ponte di roma are excellent choices. You can work on the basic pattern first to get experience with sewing a dress. Then, you can work on customizing the next dress!