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Understand Needle Types & Sizes

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The Sewer's Toolbox: Presser Feet & Needles

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The Sewer's Toolbox: Presser Feet & Needles

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wright1386429713 asked:
How to thread a double needle
Wendy Gardiner answered:
Hi, I am afraid you have to thread a twin needle by hand as the auto needle threaders don't work with them (and shouldn't be tried as they can be easily broken!). If you put a little piece of white paper behind the eye of the needle, it will be easier to see, and cut the thread end at an angle.
Asaliha asked:
Hi, does the class show what the back of the seam should look like when sewing with a twin needle? I tried mine but I have a feeling the back of it is not as nice as it should be. Also, can you tell me how many different presser feet are explained in this class? I have about 20 of them! Thanks. Asaliha
Wendy Gardiner answered:
Hi, the back of the twin needle stitching when sewing with a straight stitch is shown on the second lesson when discussing and using a twin needle. On the back of the work the bobbin thread connects the two top threads and looks like a loose zigzag stitch. If using different threads in the top, it can actually look quite pretty. I cover about 24 feet in this class, plus other aids such as the quilting guide.