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The paisley Summer Summit

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Summit Pack

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Summit Pack

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  • Quilting cotton

Q&A with SerialBagmakers

honj asked:
HI, I'm thinking about purchasing this pattern. Just wondering how long did it take you to finish the bag? Were the instruction clear & easy to follow? Thx!
SerialBagmakers answered:
I was a tester for this bag, so I'm a little biased. I can only say that I find Sydney's (the designer) instructions always very clear. This is a bag where you have to trust the designer. She knows what she is doing. So just follow the instructions and don't start to think for yourself, and your summit will be as good as mine. ;-)
PhoebeCarroll asked:
Hi. I'd like to have my son use his laser table to cut an acrylic pattern for this bag for me. Can you send me a PDF that has the pattern pieces joined at their appropriate edges like one would use to print out on a drafting printer (wide format). Thank you. Phoebe Carroll
SerialBagmakers answered:
I don't have that. Sorry
Lorac Smith asked:
Hello, could a pocket for a water bottle be easily added to the outside of this bag? Thanks!
SerialBagmakers answered:
I for myself cannot see a good location for this waterbottle. I would use a different pattern if that is what you most desire.
Mommyoftwins asked:
How large is the "gadget pocket"? BTW, I love yours!!!
SerialBagmakers answered:
I can fit an ipad air. An ipad mini would even be completely covered by the pocket.
schnauzermomof2 asked:
Is it possible to make this type of bag ... backwards? I’m a person that likes to wear crossbody-type bags with my RIGHT arm and head through the strap. This pattern reminds me of the Kavu Rope bag ... which I bought and then gave away due to the orientation (LEFT arm and head through strap). Thank you! Oh, and beautiful projects. Which patterns did you use for the accompanying bags?
SerialBagmakers answered:
Yes, in the pattern are instructions to add a d ring on the left or the right. The other patterns are gabby and retreat bag from Emmaline.