Created by: Meg McElwee

surplice dress, maxi version

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Meg McElwee made surplice dress, maxi version with:

Sewing With Knits: 5 Wardrobe Essentials

Online Class

Sewing With Knits: 5 Wardrobe Essentials

with Meg McElwee

  • Baby jersey with spandex dyed navy blue

Q&A with Meg McElwee

Brenners asked:
Would silk jersey be good for this dress?
Meg McElwee answered:
Oooh, yes - a very luxurious choice!
thenchuff asked:
Adorable, versatile dress. I really want to take this class! Do you think craftsy will be offering a sale soon?
Meg McElwee answered:
Thank you! You can sign up through the link on my blog for 50% off -
Ipanema asked:
Really cute dress and smashing on you. Would Tencel Jersey Knit be okay for this dress? If you shop for knits online, how do you know if a knit has good recovery and how do you know if a knit is "stable?" I signed up for your class thru craftsy and am enjoying reviewing the lessons right now.
Meg McElwee answered:
Thank you! Tencel Jersey sounds so comfortable. Unfortunately, there's only one way to tell if a fabric has a good recovery without testing it in person - if it contains spandex, you're good. Otherwise, the only way to tell is by ordering a swatch first. There are fabrics that don't contain spandex that have a great recovery, and hopefully tencel jersey is one!
brittanyk838557 asked:
This dress looks SO comfortable. Do you think it would work for a Maternity pattern as is, or would I have to alter it? Do you have instructions for something like that?
Meg McElwee answered:
It would work for maternity as-is. If you're looking for a less belly-hugging fit, you can just widen the front skirt panel by 6 inches or so and add extra gathers to the skirt front to make it fit with your bodice size.
Lynne O asked:
Your dress is gorgeous! I have just signed up for the class. Here in UK - where it is Winter 10 months of the year, I wear knit clothes a lot of the time so it will be fantastic to choose my own fabric and make them.
Meg McElwee answered:
Lynne, winter ten months of the year sounds so great when you're in the middle of summer in the humid US south! Great to have you in my class.

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