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Speed tailored Linton jacket

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Alison Smith made Speed tailored Linton jacket with:

Essential Guide to Tailoring: Structure & Shape

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Essential Guide to Tailoring: Structure & Shape

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  • A classic cardigan jacket made from Linton

Q&A with Alison Smith

cvardama9240177 asked:
Oh, what a lovely tweed jacket! I have been wondering if using fusibles is the best way to add a little more structure to a classic chanel type jacket, but with a lapel. What would you suggest as far as adding interfacing to this type of (typicallly unconstructed) type garment?
Alison Smith answered:
I would always use the fusible tailoring method on this type of tweed as it just gives it stability and stops it from pulling. If you still want a soft look choose light weight fusible interfacings.
Marysia28 asked:
Beautiful jacket Alison, Linton is gorgeous to work with. You will look fabulous in it.
Alison Smith answered:
Thank you . I am so pleased you like the jacket.
gjprest11605120 asked:
Stunning jacket! Is the "fringe" detail around the collar and front the raw edge of the jacket body fabric or is it applied later as a trim? Do you show how to do this in any of your classes?
Alison Smith answered:
Hi the fringe as inserted between the fronts and the facings. At the moment I do not have a Craftsy class that teaches this. I do teach this and other decorative techniques on some of the classes I teach at my Sewing School