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Heirloom Sewing: Essential Techniques

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Heirloom Sewing: Essential Techniques

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Q&A with Susan Stewart

Jolie Jardin asked:
Love this!
Susan Stewart answered:
Thank you, Jolie!
Michelle Morel asked:
Hi Susan, Which sewing machine would you choose for you. I enjoyed a lot your class and I am planning to buy a new machine.
Susan Stewart answered:
I'm glad you enjoyed the class! Every brand of sewing machine has great features. The most important thing is for you to have good dealer support. Choose the brand which is sold by the best dealer near you. The best machine in the world is of little use if you don't have good maintenance and educational support!
woodfin023997083 asked:
Susan your class was great. It was so interesting especially the madeira applique and shark's teeth. Hope you teach many more classes.
Susan Stewart answered:
Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the class.
Cindy2535507 asked:
Very pretty!
Susan Stewart answered:
Thank you!
BeckySills asked:
I love the example of the blue fabric that has tucks in the center of your shaped lace. Can you tell us how you did that? The center diamond shape looks like it has 3 rows of tucks and the center of the ovals on each side has more tucks. Looks really great...but complicated!
Susan Stewart answered:
Hi Becky! First of all, this project was made from silk charmeuse, which I wouldn't recommend for a first project! Starch helps tame it, but it's still not the easiest fabric to work with! Anyway, I shaped the row of lace ovals and diamonds, then cut the fabric from behind, as I demonstrate in the class. Then I made a strip of pintucked fabric wide enough to fill the "holes," placed it behind the lace, and stitched the inside of the open lace shapes, again, like in the class.