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Shirtmaking Details: Beyond the Basics

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Florika asked:
I love the design details. What kind of buttons are those? I'm interested to know how to put those on. Also, the pocket looks pleated at the bottom. How can we achieve that effect? Thanks for an awesome class. It is so fun to learn from you and you're easy to follow.
David Page Coffin answered:
Thanks, Florika:) Those are snaps, not buttons. google: west+cal+45+snaps The pocket construction is covered in detail in Lesson 6, and there's a pattern for it in the class materials. The pattern has two parts, a pleated main section (there's a couple of folds that create the pleat and bring the bottom to its finished shape, with seam allowances), and a top, shaped facing that holds the pleat in place at the top. Once connected, the two parts are shaped around a stiff paper template to ensure the curves are smooth before it's appliquéd in place and topstitched. HTH!