Robin E.

My Travel Duffel with Trolley Sleeve

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Robin E. made My Travel Duffel with Trolley Sleeve with:

Carry-on Sized Trolley Sleeved Duffle

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Carry-on Sized Trolley Sleeved Duffle

Sold by StudioCherie

  • Kaffe Fassett fabrics
  • heavyweight polypro webbing
  • batting

Q&A with Robin E.

Cherie Killilea asked:
Gorgeous fabrics and beautiful sewing! I am so glad you love it, I do too!
Robin E. answered:
Thanks, Cherie, for the great pattern! Feel free to use my pics, if you like.
squirecreek asked:
what are dimenions of bag
Robin E. answered:
Pattern says 18" x 9" x 11". It carries a ton of stuff.
bettyahe asked:
Could you tell me how to make this larger. I am just starting to sew after 40+ years!
Robin E. answered:
Maybe Cherie can answer... It might be tricky, since the bag essentially wraps around the rectangles that form the ends of the bag. The whole thing has to fit together, if that makes sense. I can tell you it holds a TON as is!
bettyahe asked:
I love the fabric on this bag. Could you tell me where you bought it please? Thanks
Robin E. answered:
Hi and thanks! It's a Kaffe Fassett print, I think called something like Lotus or something. I bought it a couple of years ago, on You might have to search since it's an older fabric.