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Custom-Fit Slipcovers: Couches & Sofas

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Custom-Fit Slipcovers: Couches & Sofas

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Q&A with Kim Chagnon

Cyndi Souder asked:
Kim, I can't wait to see your class! I'm eager to watch you in action. :)
Kim Chagnon answered:
Thanks Cyndi, I am looking forward to your class as well. Hope we can hook up again soon in person. Happy Launch! Kim
Mabella asked:
Hello I love to take your class but I need to know if in this course you will teach how to make the cushions too or it is just the slipcovers ?
Kim Chagnon answered:
Hi Mabella Lesson six goes through the cushion fabrication techniques. I hope you enjoy the class and will share pictures of your project. Enjoy Kim
GGina asked:
Hello Kim, I will like to take your class, I need to buy it, i took some classes of custom curtains and draperies with craftsy, but can you please tell me: with your class can I make slipcovers for any kind of sofas? I have one loveseat and one sofa for 3 sets. But they are old and the style is different than the one you use in your class. My sofas are the kind that the cushions are inserted they don't move I cannot take them out and the sofas are recliner. If I can make the sleep cover only for the sofas is ok, I can figure out to make something with the part that is for the foot. Can I make my slipcover for my sofas with your class? Thank you
Kim Chagnon answered:
Hi GGina, The skills I teach in this slipcover class can be used on most furniture pieces and yours included. Good luck with your project and I look forward to seeing you in the class. Have fun, Kim