Marcy & Katherine Tilton

Long-Sleeve T-Shirt with Classic Neckban

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Marcy & Katherine Tilton made Long-Sleeve T-Shirt with Classic Neckban with:

The Ultimate T-Shirt: Fitting & Construction

Class + Pattern

The Ultimate T-Shirt: Fitting & Construction

with Marcy & Katherine Tilton

  • Moderate stretch medium-weight jersey or double-knit

Q&A with Marcy & Katherine Tilton

Cowgirl Diane asked:
can you do this with a regular sewing machine or is a serger needed
Marcy & Katherine Tilton answered:
You do not need a serger. All the techniques shown in the class use a straight stitch.
hollysmac asked:
I have a Babylock Ovation and a Babylock Synphony. I made teeshirts and swimsuits in the early 70s for my children but gave up- Too bothersom with my 99k singer and the old zigzag attachment. I want to use my machines' capabilities. Will you be covering using "knit stitches" and serging also? I've been sewing since 1967 and am rtaking Craftsy classes to modernize my skills and learn new wys of doing things.
Marcy & Katherine Tilton answered:
Only enough hours to cover the basic structure of a t-shirt in this particular course. Please check out Craftsy's serger classes to refresh your serger skills. KT