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Sew Ready: Machine Basics

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Sew Ready: Machine Basics

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Kauai Kuuipo asked:
Such a little detail that we often overlook!
Amy Alan answered:
So true. It makes a big difference in your stitch though!
Jackie_Lee asked:
Thank you for such a wonderful set of learning tools!!! I am goring to be far more confidant with my machines from now on!!!
Amy Alan answered:
You're welcome!
Ada Garcia asked:
This is one of my big worries at the time to sew any proyect. I need to do a test on a piece of the fabric first and it dissapoints me.
Amy Alan answered:
Yes, making a test swatch to check your needle gauge is a good idea. It will save you from lots of frustration!
gj.alcock2192641 asked:
This has helped me so much. I am sending this site to my daughter-in-law who is just learning to sew.
Amy Alan answered:
That's great! I hope that your daughter-in-law finds some great classes!
Angel Sandoval asked:
Amy I really learn a lot from your free sewing classes do you have any more sewing classes I can see or how much are they for me to stay home and learn them thank you very much GREAT JOB
Amy Alan answered:
Thank you very much, Angel! I do have another class on Craftsy, called Beginner Serging. Please check it out and I hope you like it!