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Sew Ready: Machine Basics

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Q&A with Amy Alan

Kauai Kuuipo asked:
If you make a habit of cleaning up the lint after each project or so many hours of sewing it will save big on service repairs. This has been my practice for years. I have a mini-vac attachment that I use to keep from pushing it back into my machine.
Amy Alan answered:
How do you like that min-vac attachment? I've been debating spending the money on one for a long time. Right now I use the vacuum, but I can't get into the corners of my machine like I want to. Worth it?
Jeannie Kennedy asked:
Although I took "Home Ec in high school, that was many years ago. I found Amy Allen's class to be a good review of the basics and informative regarding new equipment and attachments.
Amy Alan answered:
Thanks so much, Jeannie!
Vickymybebito asked:
You have very good instructions on how to clean the machine.
Amy Alan answered:
Thank you!
Rappy asked:
Help! I can't print out the class materials. Suggestions?
Amy Alan answered:
Email and they will get you sorted out!
gj.alcock2192641 asked:
I will clean my machine and hope it no longer sounds like a dying cat.
Amy Alan answered:
Oh no! If it sounds that bad, it may need to be completely serviced. Has it been a few years since the inside of your machine (that you can't reach) has been professionally cleaned and oiled?