Johnny's New Shirt Pattern, Burda 7525

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maryjohns1776436 made Johnny's New Shirt Pattern, Burda 7525 with:

Shirtmaking Details: Beyond the Basics

Online Class

Shirtmaking Details: Beyond the Basics

with David Page Coffin

  • Cotton fabric (medium to heavy weight) He's a blacksmith so his workshirts need to be robust!! Matching thread
  • buttons
  • interfacing

Q&A with maryjohns1776436

David Page Coffin asked:
Looks great, well done:) Is he wearing sleeve garters?
maryjohns1776436 answered:
Thank you. Yes he is wearing sleeve garters. He is a blacksmith, and likes his work shirts (which this is) to be loose fitting, especially in the arms, but he doesn't like the excess fabric around his hands, hence the garters. The fabric I make his shirts from is usually heavier that normal shirting too, more like ticking. It seems to deal with the sparks a little better :)
zandi asked:
How long have you been sewing. I asked because I consider myself a beginner but I'm a fast learner who can follow good detailed instructions well. I would like to try this class but wondering if it's too advance for me. I have done a skirt making class and beginning tailoring tech class. I think you did a fabulous job on the shirt, congratulations!
maryjohns1776436 answered:
Hi, and thank you for the compliment. I have been sewing a long time, but still, wouldn't consider myself advanced!! I would say if you are happy and confident with making a shirt from a regular pattern and instructions, then this class is great. I really loved it. It is more about how to change the details to make any pattern your own, rather than how to sew a shirt from start to finish. I found all the new information in this class, very easy to follow and well explained. Good luck and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Hydee Noble asked:
As a beginner, will this class be of any help, though I can sew and do some cutting without pattern, I do some African designs, I would like to know if this course will be of any help to me as I want to be doing fitted shirts, hope to hear from you soon
maryjohns1776436 answered:
Hi, I loved this class. It does take you through fitting a shirt at the yoke, but not fitting as you would think of it from a ladies perspective, ie. through the body with darts or curved seams. It is in all the details that this class really comes into it's own...... colars, cuff's etc. It shows you how to take a very basic shirt pattern and make it your own and something a bit special. I would not let the fact that you consider yourself a beginner put you off this course at all!! All the new skills you will see are very well explianed and quite do-able even for a beginer, as long as you have made a couple of shirts from a pattern you'll be fine. I really hope this helps, and if you do decide to take this class, that you enjoy it as much as I did.