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Pant Construction Techniques: In the Details

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Pant Construction Techniques: In the Details

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  • These are close-up images I shot from various RTW and custom-made garments I'm showing or referring to in the class. They all come from the Online content that's provided along with my book Making Trousers
  • which has hundreds of such images
  • from many more custom

Q&A with David Page Coffin

Cally31 asked:
Hello Mr. Coffin! I wanted to know if this class is for beginners like myself? I have never attempted to sew pants before. Also, would I be able to use my own pattern and still get step by step guidance as much as possible?
David Page Coffin answered:
Hi Cally, and very sorry for taking so long to reply! I didn't realize that Craftsy doesn't send alerts when new comments are posted here. My trouser-details class can certainly be used with any pants pattern, as it's all about plugging in my detail suggestions and/or directions in place of the ones that come with most any typical pant pattern with pockets, a waistband, and a zipper fly. And you can post questions, as usual, so if you need help with converting, I'll be glad to try to provide it. It's not a class, I think, for total beginners, but if you've made any garments before and been pleased, and can sew and press with reasonable accuracy, my techniques for these typical details are as good a place to start as any, I believe:) Fitting the pant is not covered, so it would be good to be sure your pattern fits well before you start, as usual!
niat.tesf8073407 asked:
Hi my name is Niat, and this is really my first time getting sewing lessons, apart from trying to teach myself for the past years. Now, I'm eager to learn new ways on improving my sewing skills and making beautiful wearable clothing.
David Page Coffin answered:
Welcome Niat, and best wishes on your new project:) Please let me know if I can help you with it in any way.
janehesse4621574 asked:
I want to make high waisted trousers for my husband as due to a operation he can no longer wear normal waist trousers we are unable to buy them and so he has to wear larger sizes and braces. I am thinking of May be extending the height of the waistband. I am hoping this class will be beneficial to me?
David Page Coffin answered:
Hi Jane, there's nothing about altering or redesigning the entire garment in the class, but it's not difficult to simply raise the waist if that's all that's needed (as opposed to detailed fitting-trouser steps, which would be better handled in a pants fitting class here or elsewhere), and I'll be happy to walk you through that via the QA panel and/or direct emails. The waistband finishes I do describe are, or can be, very soft, and would be perfect for trousers without belts or a close, tight fit at the waist. Hope I can help!