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Pant Construction Techniques: In the Details

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Pant Construction Techniques: In the Details

with David Page Coffin

  • Here's a few more detail shots of garments discussed and shown in class
  • taken by the Craftsy folks during the class shoot.

Q&A with David Page Coffin

Aduki Bean asked:
Hello, I am looking for a pattern for a retro pair of trousers like the one you have in these photos on the right hand side beige color with the buttons/openings on the side. Could you help me find one please. Thank you
David Page Coffin answered:
Here's the best links I could find when doing a quick google search for "side-button pants pattern": http://tinyurl.com/zdt844n https://www.etsy.com/market/side_button_pants https://sewingforlife.wordpress.com/tag/side-button-closure/ The last one is is blog post about converting existing patterns, which is my preferred solution. Hopefully the samples and discussion in the last lesson here will help if you choose that route, but feel free to ask any questions if you run into any trouble or confusion!
Aduki Bean asked:
Thank you very much for taking the time to answer. All the best.
David Page Coffin answered:
You're welcome of course:) But better to ask in the Class questions area, since I get notified of those, not comments here, so I only see these when I think to look!
Dan Tanna asked:
Does the video entail making pants that at lined?
David Page Coffin answered:
Sorry, no! Here's a Craftsy class that does cover pant linings: Pant Construction Techniques with Sandra Betzina https://www.craftsy.com/sewing/classes/pant-construction-techniques/35746 A useful book on linings in general, including pants, is here: http://tinyurl.com/j3l8gnt My own book does have quite a few inside detail pix of men's and women's tailored pants with either full or partial linings: http://tinyurl.com/zc6edwo