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40 Techniques Every Sewer Should Know

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40 Techniques Every Sewer Should Know

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Q&A with Gail Yellen

sibillea asked:
Beautiful blouse. Should to be in my closet!
Gail Yellen answered:
It can be! Try the Vogue pattern with you new (or improved) skills!
Aldrena asked:
Great Job
Gail Yellen answered:
All of the techniques I used to sew the Vogue blouse are in the class lessons.
Camaedaisy asked:
Very very very nice!!
Gail Yellen answered:
Thanks. The Vogue pattern is very classic and a great wardrobe addition. It's also a well drafted pattern.
mootyam_t1543760 asked:
Gail Yellen answered:
Are you asking how to post a photo?
kjphillips asked:
Gail - how long have you been sewing? I signed up for this class as I am a novice, a true beginner. I've made some pillow cases, I just finished the exposed zipper bag in the serger class, and some "lazy" pajama pants, but that is it. I see this blouse (that I bought the pattern to as well) and you other McCalls pattern blouse and they are stunning. Is there hope for me to do this good as well, or should I practice on other things?
Gail Yellen answered:
I've sewn since I was a teenager, but really got serious and started taking classes about 12 years ago. Taking a variety of Craftsy classes that teach different skills and lots of practice will quickly improve your sewing skills. It's amazing to look back on projects that you've constructed before and after some classes. You'll see huge leaps in your techniques and ability to master new ones. Until I started taking classes, I was basically self-taught and learned through trial and error. When I learned why a certain way to do something was better, it was amazing how much nicer the finished result was. Keep me posted on your progress! Visit my web site and click on the gallery to see more of my projects. The pattern is Vogue 2634. This pattern is not difficult, but try it first on inexpensive cotton before using a more expensive fabric. It will give you a chance to practice.

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