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Machine Savvy: Tips for Creative Sewing

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Q&A with Linda McGehee

puggle asked:
is this a zipper?
Linda McGehee answered:
Yes, the black lace is a zipper. We have black and white available at You may also use fabric paints or sticks to color the tape, too.
marian.ri3248131 asked:
I have enjoyed the lessons so much I have a 12000 mc
Linda McGehee answered:
So glad you enjoyed the lessons. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter at to stay connected. We're always trying to come up with more projects and ideas to keep you stitching! We have webinars, too.
jelabedi asked:
I was wondering if there is a special place to get these designs?
Linda McGehee answered:
Yes, these designs are available in an "In the Hoop" CD multi-formated. Most of the projects are a bag of some sort with zipper opening. We've put 2 of the lace zippers in the package. Email or call 318-226-1701.