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Decorative seams

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Purdy Cheese made Decorative seams with:

Decorative Seams

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Decorative Seams

with Katrina Walker

  • Cotton lawn

Q&A with Purdy Cheese

Island girl22 asked:
Really cute
Purdy Cheese answered:
Thank you island girl, you come from a lovely part of the world.
Davesmom asked:
Nice top! What kind of fabric did you use to make this top?
Purdy Cheese answered:
Hi Davesmom, I used black and white tana lawn , word of advice wash the black at least twice before you make it , and then use a colour catcher in your washing machine when you was it to keep the white white!! I learnt that the hard way , got a lovely grey and white blouse!!
Mishaming asked:
Very nice! Especially like the contrast.
Purdy Cheese answered:
Thank you mishaming. I'm working on a skirt with the white diamonds down the sides......... Not going too well!!!
Katrina Walker asked:
What can I say...fabulous. :)
Purdy Cheese answered:
Thank you, can't tell you how much fun I'm having experimenting with seams... Trying out a closed slot seam, but where you stitched 1/4 I'm doing 1/2 then stitching it closed 1"" down and open next inch down , making a sort of smock effect. The sample looks good, now to make a skirt!! :0)
JillStraw asked:
Wow I love this great job! Can't wait to see more of your seam experiments.
Purdy Cheese answered:
Thank you Jill :)