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Cute Bib for Toddlers

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My Best Bandana Bib Pattern for Toddlers

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My Best Bandana Bib Pattern for Toddlers

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Q&A with AppleGreen Cottage

SMJetta asked:
No matter what I do I can not download this pattern. It just keeps coming back to the same page that I ordered the download from. Thanks for your help.
AppleGreen Cottage answered:
Hi SMJetta, so, just to see if I understand you correctly, you each time come to this page: And then click on 'Download Pattern' Button and you don't see anything happening? Sometimes the browser does not show a download on the screen, and you need to go directly to the 'Downloads' folder on your local computer to find the PDF file. If this does not help, please send me your email address via email to and I will be happy to email the pattern (PDF file) to you directly.
annemarie16808120 asked:
Hi I am having the same problem as above, cannot get the pattern. just keeps reverting me back to the page but no download possible.
AppleGreen Cottage answered:
Hi Annemarie, thanks for reaching out. Are you using Firefox? A reader has recently told me that she was having the same issue - her default Firefox settings were blocking the download. Once she changed the settings in Firefox, the download went smoothly. I'd also try another browser, Chrome for example? If that does not work, please email me (email in my previous comment) and I'll be happy to send you the PDF pattern file directly.