Created by: ljdesigns3639180

Custom Horse Show Clothing

You Can Make This

ljdesigns3639180 made Custom Horse Show Clothing with:

  • Stretch base fabric
  • assorted leathers
  • brass spikes

Q&A with ljdesigns3639180

randroxy asked:
Wow, fabulous work!
ljdesigns3639180 answered:
Thank you!! :)
marieevan1748807_old asked:
WOW!!!! Professional work! Love it.
ljdesigns3639180 answered:
Awwww, thanks! :)
RamonaSews asked:
No question other than what is the pattern. I'm overwhelmed with the stunning detail. Amazingly done and thank you for sharing
ljdesigns3639180 answered:
Thanks Ramona. I make my own patterns.
raslalique asked:
No question here either. I just wanted to say this is FABULOUS!!. It is so inspiring. I hope to have similar skills one day.
ljdesigns3639180 answered:
Awwww, thanks for the ♥! Just keep practicing! You can do it! :)
robjb1879814 asked:
Beautiful work.
ljdesigns3639180 answered:
Awww, thank you! I love making them!