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Sew to Flatter: Plan Your Best Wardrobe

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bstitch8229835 asked:
Hi, I live in Saint Louis and have been considering taking your class over many months. I am an advanced sewist and not a beginner. I see the course is selected for beginners. I also am not the body type of most of your models. I am just under 5 feet tall and weigh 220 pounds. I also have a double mastectomy. I am not sure if this class will be suitable for me with my short triangle body. I wonder if I should just buy your book or try the class. Thank you for your attention. Barbara
Nancy Nix-Rice answered:
The class is rated for beginners because it isn't a technique class and the material can be applied to any garment a person sews, regardless of the difficulty of the construction. The concepts in the class apply to everyone regardless of age or body type. In deciding between the class and the book, you'll find much more detail in the book, but ladies continually tell me they absorb the information differently from the different formats, and learn new things from the class when they watch it multiple times. I think using the book and the video together will be a very effective and affordable approach to finding the information you are looking for. Also - I live in St Louis too, so if you'd like to consider some individual work together we could explore that option. You can contact me directly at
gvance42916205693 asked:
Hello Nancy, I would like to know if you have a Sewing studio in St Louis? I am a beginner sewer with self teaching with what comes natural for me. But I am having a bit of a challenge getting my body measurements correct when I make a bodice. Thank you for your help.. Gwendolyn
Nancy Nix-Rice answered:
I don't officially teach sewing classes but I'd be happy to help you with the bodice fitting issues just one-on-one. You can contact me directly at to make a plan.
katharine16672215 asked:
Hi Nancy, I'm Katie R. and I just signed up with Craftsy for some of the videos. I have been away from my sewing for about 10 years now, and am very rusty. I am new to the Apple Computer (ex Microsoft from 11/16), & have been sewing from age of nine. I learned by watching my Mom sew my clothes from the wrong side of her sewing machine. I asked if I could do the waistband and got a perfect fit first time , and was "hooked" from then on. I have 2 Viking sew/embroidery machines: since 2000, the Designer I, and Diamond (since 11/16) along with the Apple computer, and TruE-3 Premier. My question is this: I think I understand this correctly, I can buy these courses for download, and take them any time I feel like it, and keep the course videos on my computer to re-review whenever I have the need. Is this correct? If this is the type of class where I have to participate during a given set of dates, say every Wednesday morning at 10 AM for 9 consecutive weeks starting February 22 or some thing like that, it would never work for me under those timing constraints, and therefore class would be of no benefit to me. I need to have the materials at hand and be able to start the class when I have the time to do something about it. And in the meantime, keep the downloaded Class video on your course in my library of sewing materials. I'm assuming the downloaded class is equivalent to going to Border's book store and buying the paper back version of same. I hope you can clarify some of my questions for me & thanking you in advance.... Katie R. e-mail:
Nancy Nix-Rice answered:
Absolutely, once you purchase a class it is yours to access as often as you like, any time, from anywhere on any device. And my personal favorite ... at any speed setting. Enjoy!