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Bra set - red bow set

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Sewing Bras: Construction & Fit

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Sewing Bras: Construction & Fit

with Beverly Johnson

  • Cotton double knit
  • stretch lace

Q&A with Sewphistic8ed

Cally31 asked:
I love what you have made thus far! What do I look for when buying cotton jersey for making a bra with the same fabric?
Sewphistic8ed answered:
I have learned that regular cotton jersey without any lycra actually works best. I fell in love with this fabric, which is a hefty cotton jersey with some lycra, and I find that in spite of lining the cups after a few days of wear the cups stretch slightly. Washing the bra brings them right back to size but I don't have that problem with cotton jerseys that do not contain lycra.
sandyjager asked:
This is so cute! Thanks for posting the info about the cups stretching. This is vital stuff to know when selecting fabrics.
Sewphistic8ed answered:
You are welcome! I think it's the whole 1-way vs. 2-way stretch (or 2-way vs. 4-way...). With regular jersey that has predominantly stretch across the fabric but not lengthwise you can stabilize it nicely by cutting two sets of lower cups (as in outer layer and a lining) with the DOGS (direction of greatest stretch) going one way in one layer and 90 degrees different in the other layer. But with fabrics that contain lycra and stretch in multiple directions this stabilization technique doesn't work quite so well. I suppose you could try and use a rigid cup lining fabric on the inside, but I haven't tried this yet.
hdre asked:
Such cute sets!
Sewphistic8ed answered:
Thank you! Occasionally inspiration strikes...
GracefulSewing asked:
Beautiful work. Thanks for posting the links in Alison Smith's Lingerie class. I like your idea of 3 pair of panties to one bra. You want to change panties daily but your bra can be worn more before washing so this gives you additional matching panties to go with the bra. I really like this idea and will use it tonight when I start my Shelley! Thanks!
Sewphistic8ed answered:
You are welcome! I can't stand to waste fabric, and sometimes the minimum cut you can get is 1 yard. Since panties are so quick and fun to make, I just keep going until I run out of fabric.