Boundless Flower Shoppe Dresses

“Charlie and Clara” dress patterns from Violette Field Threads

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orndorff816298801 made Boundless Flower Shoppe Dresses with:

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“Charlie and Clara” dress patterns from Violette Field Threads

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mebb22627154 asked:
Hello, is there a pattern for the Boundless Flower Shoppe Dress? It’s a beginner project which is a perfect level for me. There’s a fabric of the same name that would be perfect and it happens to be for sale. Please let me know, thanks
orndorff816298801 answered:
The red and blue dresses are a pattern called Charlie. The pink and light blue dresses are Clara but without the side ruffles they normally come with. They aren’t from this site so I didn’t know if I could post. It’s from Violette Field Threads. Theyre an online dress pattern company and sell pdf patterns, you just have to have access to the internet and a printer. Comes with photo assisted directions, very user friendly. They sell a baby and a child’s version of this dress so just make sure you pick which version you want. I’ve seen some of their patterns at JoAnns but not all and I’ve only ever dealt with the pdf versions. Any other questions just let me know, hope that helped!

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