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Sewing Custom Curtains & Draperies

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Sewing Custom Curtains & Draperies

with Susan Woodcock

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Q&A with BronteB

collierth10546860 asked:
You did a great job. I bought this class as well and can't wait to try to do a shade. How does the shade stay in the "up" position without a cleat?
BronteB answered:
I enjoyed the process however sewing on the rings was complicated by the changing colour pattern and I didn't have a full range of matching threads, so they show a little. The cleat trick... my tap, I just loop the knotted end over the tap, it works for the brief times it is up.. it is in the bathroom and is a large, clear window... I have to get a handy person to put up the cleat... hubby won't drill into tiles he doesn't own!