Asymetric flap messenger bag

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Modocki made Asymetric flap messenger bag with:

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20 Essential Techniques for Better Bags

with Lisa Lam

  • Cotton
  • linen
  • fusible interfacing

Q&A with Modocki

IWannaDoItAll asked:
Verrrrry Nice!
Modocki answered:
Thank you!
susane1106 asked:
I really like the assymetrical flap and your fabric choice!! Your use of multiple buttons and the hook clasp....very creative!!
Modocki answered:
Thanks! I had a lot of fun designing the bag and pattern, choosing the colour scheme, fabrics and embellishments and making the bag itself :-)
lynemac16543498 asked:
Can I buy the pattern ?
Modocki answered:
Unfortunately, as I mentioned above, I made this bag following my own design and pattern, so I don't really have a pattern with instructions aside from a few sketches in my notebook, sorry... Thanks for the interest!
sewandknit2 asked:
Oh my goodness, what a chic and stylish bag! It looks designer. So well done. Thanks for sharing your creativity. It's inspirational.
Modocki answered:
Wow, thank you very much!
lizmackal5620849 asked:
I love this bag!! Especially like the asymmetrical flap with all the nifty hardware.
Modocki answered:
Thank you :-)