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Artful T-Shirt With Cowl Neck

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The Artful T-Shirt

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Q&A with Marcy & Katherine Tilton

Karenlibby asked:
Do u need a serger for this project?
Marcy & Katherine Tilton answered:
Nope, you can make the whole shirt with a straight stitch machine. If you have a serger, by all means use it, but it is not necessary. KT
Flissews asked:
No answer was the smart reply
Marcy & Katherine Tilton answered:
Craftsy took the photo shown and they didn't photo the back. I don't have the top available to take the photo myself or do a diagram. There is a little line drawing included in the resource list so you can have a go at designing your own. Play and have some fun with it! KT
Chrogebo asked:
Hi there - I'm a quilter and very new to sewing tops, in fact I'm on my first very easy tee now and also have an apron pattern but I love, love this design and I wonder, can a beginner take this class? I'll probably have a lot of questions :
Marcy & Katherine Tilton answered:
I would start with 'The Ultimate T-Shirt' course as that is the most basic. Once you've made a few t-shirts and have built up your confidence working with knits and achieving success, then take this course to up your design skills to the next level. KT