Andrea's Rucksack

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Andrea's Rucksack- in 2 Backpack Sizes

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Andrea's Rucksack- in 2 Backpack Sizes

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  • Suede - Home Decor - Purse Hardware

Q&A with maxipad62

Hobo Soup asked:
Beautiful construction. I like your zipper treatments. Can you recommend the pattern?
maxipad62 answered:
I have made another backpack and vowed never again. So when asked to test this one I was uncertain. I must say I truly enjoyed putting this together and love it. Easy fast sew. FOLLOW the instructions to a T and you will also love it
denisebra100007256024721 asked:
I am unable to add this pattern to cart. Nothing happens. Thank u Denise Brady
maxipad62 answered:
Hope this works for you Craftsy is not working to well lately