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delawa asked:
What is your iron covered with and why?
Pam Howard answered:
It is covered with a teflon iron shoe to protect it from fusible interfacing glue (it keeps it from sticking to the sole plate) and to protect the fabric from shining. You can get one from Bonash or They are great, I hope you get one!
lois.mang6222867 asked:
used interfacing for t shirt quilt. Will the interfacing separate from t shirt and bunch up?
Pam Howard answered:
The fusible interfacings from Fashion Sewing Supply are industry grade. As long as you apply them correctly (the right amount of heat and pressure), you should not have any issues with separating or bunching. You will most likely have a quilt backing fabric to cover the t-shirt squares. As always, test on a piece of fabric to be sure of the results desired :-)