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A Perfect Fit

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Joi Mahon made A Perfect Fit with:

Fast-Track Fitting

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Fast-Track Fitting

with Joi Mahon

  • Paper
  • marker
  • scissors

Q&A with Joi Mahon

proudgrdma2twin asked:
You are a great teacher, love how you take us step by step through all issues that everyone has in one way or another. I have great confidence that I can fix my plump petite issues now just by taking your course through this way I can take the course as many times as needed to fix each issue I have, or those of my family that I also sew for. Thank you Joni, keep up the great work.
Joi Mahon answered:
Thanks so much. I am so passionate about what I do and have been able to help so many. Keep me posted on your progress.
JP Sews asked:
Hi Joi! I would like to take this class, but I'm not sure which size to buy. I've read your instructions to go by full bust measurement, but the drop down size menu does not show any bust measurements. Nor does the product page mention the pattern number so I could look it up. Should I just refer to the generic size chart on the Vogue website to find my size? Thanks!
Joi Mahon answered:
Yes you can simply select based on the standard vogue pattern size. Realistically, in class I am teaching you how to scale any pattern of any size or style to fit any body so if it is not spot on that is ok because I will be teaching you that. Make sure to ask questions In class when you need help.