Sewing Fundamentals

Sheer Genius: How to Sew Lining

By Julia Garza
How to Sew LiningLining will make a garment made of itchy fabric (like wool) more tolerable, hide unsightly seams (like on the inside of a jacket or on light colored fabric), provide additional warmth, and give a garment structure, shape and a better fit. Even if none of these reasons apply to your garment, adding a lining instantly kicks your garment up a notch for a couture effect! Read more »

How to Shorten Spaghetti Straps in Minutes! A Video Tutorial

By Craftsy
Reducing the length of spaghetti straps is not difficult when you learn Angela Wolf's secrets (she instructs the online Craftsy class, Tailoring Ready to Wear)! Whether the dress is lined or not, she makes it fast and simple. You'll be amazed at how little time it takes to make sure those spaghetti straps are the perfect length and securely attached! Read more »